It’s always great when artists come together to collaborate on music. Some of the best songs come from one or more artists working together to create content, whether it’s writing, producing, or performing. A lot of the time, the featured artist steals the song. There’s a song on Lil Wayne’s album, The Carter IV, called “So Special”. Lil Wayne isn’t the reason I love the song so much. John Legend sings the chorus, and he ties the whole song together to make it sound beautiful. It isn’t just another one of Lil Wayne’s raps.

Nicki Minaj was getting paid tons of money to feature on other artists’ songs, even before she had her first album out. Pharrell is the MVP of featuring in music (Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, Ludacris’ “Money Maker”, Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself to Dance”, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, just to name a few). Songs including features just have a certain way of drawing people to them. It’s fun listening to different artists on one song.

This week was a big week for featured songs. It seemed like almost every new song I listened to, the ‘(feat. _____)’ was right next to that song title.

Here are just a few of the songs including featured artists that stood out to me this week.


Love Incredible (feat. Camila Cabello) // Cashmere  Cat


First up in the featured category is this new jam. Since pulling a Zayn Malik and leaving her band in the dust, Camila Cabello has been branching out and getting a feel for her own sound. Even when she was still part of Fifth Harmony, she was doing her own thing, like collaborating with Shawn Mendes.

“Love Incredible” is the newest single from EDM composer Cashmere Cat. The swanky R&B pop song sounds the slightest bit haunting with Cabello’s signature high-pitched singing. The song includes Cashmere Cat’s unmistakable bass music style.

The song is included on Cashmere Cat’s new and highly anticipated album called ‘Wild Love’, coming out soon.

Listen to Love Incredible here!

Cold (feat. Future) // Maroon 5


Maroon 5 always delivers with every project they release. Every few years, their sound seems to change and they make it work in the best way. Back when they first started, their sound was similar to a lot of early 2000s rock bands. When they came back in the spotlight with their album “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”, they took a tropical, beachy vibe to their sound and it was perfect music to jam to in the summer by the pool.

With their new single “Cold”, it suggests yet another sound change for the band. They are drifting further and further away from their pop-rock sound, and it’s still working for them. Rap artist Future joins in on the pop song, adding his own flare to the tune.

The song itself is hard to place in a specific music genre. It is simple, strong in the percussion circle and catchy, much like a lot of pop songs out there today.

Listen to Cold here!

Game Time (feat. Sage The Gemini) // Flo Rida


Flo Rida is a staple in the music industry. He always manages to come out with the catchiest tunes that are always on the radio and stuck in everyone’s heads. His newest single isn’t anything different.

“Game Time” is basketball themed, an awesome hype-up song for sitting in the locker room and getting ready for the big game. Squeaks, whistles and swishes are sampled into a triumphant beat throughout the entire song.

Sage The Gemini joins Flo Rida in this awesome song, both artists come together to create an epic song that will definitely be everywhere and anywhere in the near future.

Listen to Game Time here!


Love Less // R.LUM.R


R.LUM.R is an artist that can sing about heartbreaking material all while moving the waist. It’s like he can make people have fun singing about a breakup and make it easier on all of us.

This catchy beat is filled with his amazing voice, followed by a heavy bass and a unique sound.

Listen to Love Less here!

How Would You Feel (Paean) // Ed Sheeran


I cannot stress enough how excited I am that Ed Sheeran has crawled out from underneath his rock and graced the world with his musical presence yet again. His first two singles “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” have blown up the charts, unsurprisingly.

His newest single doesn’t disappoint. It’s different from Sheeran’s usual indie vibe, and his famous guitar is still in the picture, but gives off a country beat.

The single is part of Sheeran’s highly anticipated album “Divide”, out on March 3.

Listen to How Would You Feel here!

Machine // MisterWives


This song is another one of those ‘fight the patriarchy’ songs that artists have been known to let out during times like this (ahem, looking at you Mr. President).

The band described the song as a “rallying cry to stand against a world that suppresses individuality and diversity.”

Listen to Machine here!


Song of the Week: WORSHIP (feat. MNEK) // The Knocks

Until next week, music lovers!

(New Music as of February 17th, 2017).