Spring is typically a sign of fresh, new ideas and beginnings. Parents usually refer to the start of spring as a spring ‘cleaning’. Over Spring Break, I took that as cleaning out my closet (only to replace old clothes with new ones, oops), and discovering new music.

While shopping for new clothes at the mall near my house, I was really aware of the music playing in each store. It was all upbeat and catchy, giving everyone a good vibe while searching through racks of clothes. The style of clothes even matched the styles of music in some stores: bright and loud, and irresistible.

Even now when my sister and I are driving around or even hanging out and we hear a new song, our newest comparison to a lot of today’s music is saying “this song sounds like it would play at Forever 21”.

A lot of artists that have been around for a long time have even adapted to this new style of music. Maroon 5 definitely changed their style to incorporate with today’s music, but it works for them because the band’s sound has always been versatile.

However, some artists can’t adapt to this type of music. Take Linkin Park for example. They’ve been around since the 90s and have always stuck to alternative rock and metal. Their new song, ‘Battle Symphony’, is very different than their usual releases.

Battle Symphony // Linkin Park

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Their usual heavy tunes are anything but. Fans were pretty upset with their new single (ironically titled ‘Heavy’), because it was so mellow. And now with this new single, it’s only getting mellower.

Robert Pasbani from http://www.metalinjection.net  even says “The track sounds like something you hear on loop at a CVS or a Walgreens right after that incredibly annoying and inescapable Ed Sheeran song” (I resent that Ed Sheeran comment, Pasbani).

Although the song is mellow, to some it can be pretty catchy. It might even bring a newer and different fanbase for Linkin Park.

Listen to Battle Symphony here!

Dennis Rodman // mansionz

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This song is so, so damn catchy. Right out of the gate, I couldn’t help but bob my head do the funky intro. I was almost afraid the lyrics were going to be a crazy rap and catch me totally off guard, but I was pleasantly surprised.

What surprised me even more is that the artist duo mansionz consists of rapper and producer Blackbear and “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” pop star Mike Posner. The guys got to know each other back in 2011 when they co-wrote Justin Bieber’s hit ‘Boyfriend’. The duo announced their collaboration by showing up to the Grammy’s together with neon green hair. The new hair was inspired by their role model, Dennis Rodman. Blackbear said “We want to be like him. He does whatever he wants to”.

Their sound is all over the place, but it works the way cult classic movies work. It is an organized mess. From EDM to R&B, rap and 80s basslines, it works for the duo.

Listen to Dennis Rodman here!

Mama Say // Betty Who

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Betty Who says this track is dedicated to the one and only Britney Spears. Half of the lyrics hint at Britney Spears songs that she has always loved. Betty also does some killer choreography in the ‘Mama Say’ video. She even wears a boa constrictor around her neck in the video just like Britney unforgettably did.

The song itself is catchy, just like that kind of catchy you hear shopping around at the mall. It’s upbeat and fun.

Listen to Mama Say here!

Glitterbomb // Incubus

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It’s been quite some time since fans were graced with new music from Incubus; six years in fact. Their new and eighth album (cleverly) titled ‘8’ is coming out in late April.

‘Glitterbomb’ is more subdued than their typical, fast pace tunes. There is definite power in the chorus, and the lyrics are emotional and dark in some aspects.

Sonny Moore, popularly known as Skrillex, is featured on the band’s new album. Both artists have been fans of each other’s music for quite some time, and Moore even helped produce Incubus’ new album.

Listen to Glitterbomb here!


Song of the Week: Victorious // Panic! At the Disco

I know I am super late to the party, but over my spring break, my younger sister showed me Panic! At the Disco’s newest album ‘Death of a Bachelor’, and I was absolutely blown away. Brendon Urie’s vocal range is incredible, and the music is so head-bangingly awesome I couldn’t stop listening all week. The album was released in January 2016, but since I don’t often listen to Panic!, I wasn’t aware of this album until last week. I know, crazy, but I am also totally guilty of saying that I’m a fan of Panic! At the Disco, and only being able to name one song (along with the rest of the world): ‘I write sins not tragedies’.

I highly recommend listening to the ‘Death of a Bachelor’ album for yourselves and let me know what you think!

Until next week, music lovers!

(new music as of March 17th, 2017).