It was a pretty chill week for new music. Everything I listened to was cool and casual, nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary. Sometimes that’s nice, though. Especially since the town I live in has been overcast for the last week. These rainy days call for some calmer music.

Here are some of my favorites from this week!


Still Got Time (feat. PartyNextDoor) // ZAYN

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*Inhales deeply* if you all must know, yes, I was/am a fan of One Direction. Total fangirl. Yes. Fine. Judge me.

And yes, I was around for all of the drama when Zayn Malik left the band two years ago. It was all very dramatic and very annoying. I’m definitely on the side of supporting both Zayn and One Direction no matter where their music takes them. Zayn’s solo project has been working out great for him; his first album nailed him a number one spot on Billboard when it first debuted.

Even the members of the remaining One Direction have parted ways (briefly, I pray) to explore their own individual sounds. First out of the gate was Niall Horan’s single ‘This Town’, with an indie, folk sounding tune that took him back to his Irish roots. Louis Tomlinson collaborated with EDM artist Steve Aoki to create the top charting hit ‘Just Hold On’, a catchy dance song. Harry Styles just announced yesterday that there’s a single from him coming April 7th (yes, expect it in a future post [again DON’T JUDGE ME]), and Liam Payne is rumored to be working hard on his solo project.

Zayn left the band to specifically find his own sound. His sound works for him, too. His newest song Still Got Time reminds me of the Caribbean style that Drake has incorporated into his music, and it’s catchy and fun. This single is definitely kicking off Zayn’s highly anticipated second album, and I can’t wait to see what else he brings to the music scene!

Listen to Still Got Time here!

do re mi // Blackbear

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You might remember Blackbear from my last post. Blackbear and Mike Posner joined up to create their new duo ‘mansionz’, and I reviewed their new song ‘Dennis Rodman’.

Blackbear dropped ‘do re mi’, which is just as catchy as ‘Dennis Rodman’ is. There’s a heavy bassline and clever lyrics, perfect for playing in your bedroom while getting some work done.

Listen to Do Re Mi here!

Light My Body Up (feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne) // David Guetta

Image result for Light My Body Up (feat. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne) // David Guetta

This isn’t Nicki Minaj’s first time collabing with David Guetta. Some of their top hits include ‘Hey Mama’, ‘Where Them Girls At’ and ‘Turn Me On’. Together, the two create some awesome pop songs that you can’t help but jam out to in your car or alone in your bedroom.

‘Light My Body Up’ is a different turn for the two. There is a mainstream feel to it, unusual for Guetta, but it works. It’s a bit slower than their other tunes, featuring a slow bassline and Nicki Minaj’s amazing vocals. She barely raps, she hits some amazing notes. Lil Wayne joins in at the end of the song, (w)rapping it up for the folks at home with his well known scratchy voice. The bass drop isn’t the usual explosive peak like David Guetta usually delivers. This drop is slow and a bit dirty in the best way.

I wouldn’t be surprised hearing this out at the bars or in a club, it’s perfect music to dance and sway to after having a few drinks. I already predict that we’ll be hearing this song all summer long.

Listen to Light My Body Up here!

Madiba Riddim // Drake

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These days, people either love Drake or hate him. I agree he comes off whiney sometimes, but other than that, I am a fan of his work. I still jam out to ‘One Dance’ whenever it comes on in my playlists, or even out in public. I don’t care, I’ll dance to it. He makes his sound work, and he’s not the typical rapper. He can switch from rap to R&B in two seconds flat. His voice is tailored perfectly for it.

His newest album ‘More Life’ dropped on the 18th. I didn’t give it a listen right away because I knew it was going to pop up whether I like it or not. Drake always manages to get a party moving and grooving with his songs. Whether it has everyone rapping along to ‘Back to Back’, or swaying side to side along to ‘Too Good’, he has a knack for producing tunes.

‘Midiba Riddim’ is one of the songs I heard off of the album over the weekend, and I felt like I was on a tropical vacation. The song is heavily influenced by South African music, featuring a ‘stepping beat’ and a very high sounding guitar. It’s a definite pool party and beach tune.

Unfortunately, Drake is the type of artist who doesn’t allow re-uploads of music onto YouTube, so I can’t link the song. I highly recommend finding another music site to listen to the song!


Song of the Week: Let’s Get French // Coco McQueen

This song is so ridiculous, but I love how catchy and weird it is!


Until next week, music lovers!

(new music as of March 24th 2017)