It’s been pretty slow music-wise the past few weeks. There’s this awkward gap between now and summer where artists are holding off releasing their new hits for the summer specifically. Summer is where I find my best music.

For now, a lot of newer artists are spreading their wings and releasing new tunes for us to hang on to until summer. A lot show promise, but to me a lot of today’s new music is blending together.

Here are some of the tunes that stood out to me this week!


Sunrise Sunset // Benny Cassette

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Benny Cassette is a Grammy nominated producer   is hinting at the sounds of summer with his newest single. The vibes are easygoing and promotes good energy.

This song is stress-free and talks about not letting dickheads get you down. It’s a nice reminder of the fact that some people aren’t worth the time of day.

Benny Cassette’s full album is due out later this year.

Listen to Sunrise Sunset here!

Cherry on Top (feat. Marc E. Bassy & TYSM) // Felix Snow

Image result for Cherry on Top (feat. Marc E. Bassy & TYSM) by Felix Snow

I like the vibe of this song. It features Marc E. Bassy, who is a pretty chill artist and sings the song ‘You & Me’, another song in my rotation.

Felix Snow is a newer artist, originating on SoundCloud lie most artists do nowadays. His vibe is chill, easy to listen to, walking to class music.

Listen to Cherry on Top here!

Everybody // Logic

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This is definitely one of my favorite songs from this week. Logic isn’t usually on my radar, but this song is different musically and lyrically. The song doesn’t have much music, just background vocals and a bassline, while Logic raps over it discussing his race and what it means to him to be biracial.

It’s a powerful song, and I like the fact that it branches out from the recent rap sound that’s been popular lately. That ‘mumble’ rapping drives me insane, and I like when rappers can be real with an audience without referencing drugs and getting women.

Listen to Everybody here!

Shine on Me // Dan Auerbach

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Auerbach is from the band The Black Keys, another incredible new age rock band. Auerbach’s newest single is old school in the best way. This sound goes hand in hand with J.D. McPherson’s style; old school 50s and 60s rock. The innocent type, before Zeppelin and ACDC took over to blow everyone’s mind.

The song is old school Nashville; you can’t help but move and sway when listening to it. It’s completely different from the sound he’s used to when he’s part of The Black Keys. The rhythm guitar featured in ‘Shine on Me’ is that one thing that Auerbach needed to stray away from his typical sounds.

Listen to Shine on Me here!

No Promises (feat. Demi Lovato) // Cheat Codes

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Demi Lovato sort of fell off the grid for me. I know everyone still loves her now more than ever since her mysterious past on Disney Channel (remember when she punched her backup dancer?). It seems like 2017 is her year. She looks amazing, her voice is still powerful, and she’s rocking it when it comes to the music world.

Although she doesn’t have any new music yet, she is featured on Cheat Codes’ new hit ‘No Promises’. It’s your typical EDM track, but add her voice to the mix, and it sticks out.

This song is everything a pop song needs. There’s a catchy tune, fun chorus and lyrics you can sing along to. The typical pop song has a tropical vibe to it, and I can see it making its way around the radio stations this summer.

Listen to No Promises here!


Song of the Week: Girls Talk Boys (Stafford Brothers Remix) // 5 Seconds of Summer


Until next week, music lovers!