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Why Go Mainstream?

It’s obvious that certain sound sells better than others. Artists know what’s popular and what’s not. There isn’t much originality out there anymore, especially with what’s on the radio. A lot of artists and bands realize that, so they conform to this distinct sound not to appease listeners, but to gain new audiences that are hooked on this mainstream sound.


Get Ready to Dance!

This week gave us some JAMS! I’ve had a few on repeat this past week, see if you can guess which ones!

Country? Rap? For Once I’m a Fan!

It’s a weird week of new music when I’m a fan of rap and country. It must be the weather, but let’s take a look and see what new music artists released this week!

New Music Headed Your Way!

Unlike last week, I am really looking forward to the most recent week’s crop of new music. A lot of artists came forward with some awesome hits, so here are some of the highlights I’ve chosen!

Slow Music Week

It’s been pretty slow music-wise the past few weeks. There’s this awkward gap between now and summer where artists are holding off releasing their new hits for the summer specifically. Summer is where I find my best music.

Good Vibes All Around

It was a pretty chill week for new music. Everything I listened to was cool and casual, nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary. Sometimes that’s nice, though. Especially since the town I live in has been overcast for the last week. These rainy days call for some calmer music.

Spring into new music!

Spring is typically a sign of fresh, new ideas and beginnings. Parents usually refer to the start of spring as a spring ‘cleaning’. Over Spring Break, I took that as cleaning out my closet (only to replace old clothes with new ones, oops), and discovering new music.

DNCE, Zac Brown Band, Notorious B.I.G. & More!

Hello music lovers! Last week's music selections were filled with lots of variety and new sounds for every type of music listener out there!

Fifty Shades Darker Sountrack is here!

The Hallmark holiday of romance calls for romantic tunes to set the mood, and what’s better than setting that mood with the new Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack!

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